Thursday, November 09, 2006

To The Victor, All The Spoils

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As current events unfold, there are times that I choose to speak on it, & times when I don't. I don't speak on it when I think that a subject has been covered well by someone else and there's nothing else to say. In the case of election day this past Tuesday & Wednesday's resignation by the one and only Donald Rumsfeld, I'm compelled to speak on it because there are a couple of things that have been lost in the hoopla (some positive and some negative). Take a walk with me, if you will:

- Some may be congratulating the demos' at this point, b.u.t. how could anyone mess this one up? A imbecile for a president, gas rates at a all-time high, a war that has no discernible end, and you couldn't win some seats back? The election was the easy part

- Just because the demos' won, it doesn't mean that you should could confuse them for fun-loving peaceniks. Even though the netroots and other liberals supported many of the candidates and some of them gave lip service to the "pc" demo positions, most of them will legislate from the center. Bob Casey, the victor over Rick Santorum here in Pennsylvania, is definitely the lesser of two evils; a anti-abortion, pro-gun, pro-war representative from a socially conservative section of the state. I don't look to him to assist in solving the issues of the poor & oppressed

- My people, stop believing that politics will bring you complete community change! At best, it is another mechanism that will enable us to change our conditions. When you confuse it with the solution, you end up chasing a tail that you can never catch (see redlining, voter recount, etc.)

- Now that the demos' have won, they have to prove that they have an agenda that they can effectively push through. You can win on being anti-, b.u.t. what are you pro-?

- Get ready for Hillary World! In my estimation, her candidacy will be one of the most interesting events of the last 50 years. In order for her to win, she has to shed Bill and be pro-war for the conservatives, and at the same time, wear the cloak of the Clinton years for nostalgic demos. Any other demos' will be left in the dust

- Nancy Pelosi has 2 years to sabotage the demos' chance at winning. In a sexist world, we'll see how America responds to a woman in power who's not afraid to use it.

- Who really thinks that Rumsfeld would've been given the can if the GOP had retained it's seats? Bush saying that is trash

- You know who's the most unpopular man in the GOP is right now? Karl Rove

- George is ready to be pragmatic because he doesn't have any other choice. If he doesn't get this right, his presidency will go down in infamy (If it hasn't already). This may be a chance to prove that he has diplomatic & strategic bones in his body

- Rumsfeld personified angry, cocky, rich White men in power. Only the natural order of balance brought their insanity to light

- Barack Obama doesn't have as good of a chance to be president as Jesse did in 1988. It will remain to be seen if he can mobilize Black people. Right now, he seems a little too moderate

- You know people are sick of the Bush dynasty when they elect a Black Muslim (See Keith Ellison in Missouri)

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