Thursday, May 25, 2006

Rap Game/Crack Game


Today's Supreme Mathematics is Wisdom Power all b.b.t. God. Through my Wisdom you will see my Power, and through my Power, you will see my Wisdom. Being intelligent with your ability to affect & change your environment is what seperates the men from the boys. We see the children running these streets and using power in the wrong ways. It is up to the Blackman with knowledge of self to show his community and the world how to be wise and intelligent with the power that we have.

I wanna talk about hip-hop for a minute. There are a lot of reasons that hip hop is worth talking about, b.u.t the main reason that I want talk about it is the role it plays in our community. In 2006, hip hop is central to the identity of many of our people (specifically the youth). In addition, you can't minimize it's role as a medium for communication for/about our people (good or bad) In taking a look at everything, here's what's standing out:

- You know where hip-hop really went wrong? When hip-hop became a viable alternative for a career for our youth (alongside crack and basketball). When poverty is widespread, schools aint workin, and the family unit has beeen destroyed, you damn right people will sell negative images for money. It took a while for the major record labels to totally commodify it, b.u.t. when they did, they did it to death. Remember, broke people w/out knowledge of self will do almost anything.

- If we date hip hop back to the early-mid 70's, that would make it about 30 -35 years old. There are alot of confused 30-35 year olds out here, and you should look at hip-hop the same way. How many black people do you know who will talk about how the government is shafting them, and then go right ahead and give all their money back to them? That's Hip Hop.

- The regional chasm that we've created are reminiscent of the Malcolm/ Martin, Black Panthers/US, Dubois/Washington divisions. New York is'nt losing because of any grand con-spiracy; They're losing cause of the holier than thou attitude of many in new york. Note to all: just because you started it doesn't mean that you'll always be seen as the best. Just like Dumar Wa'de Allah says "There's no 401(k) plan for a five percenter", there's no 401(k) plan for creativity. There's a wealth to experiences to be heard within different regions; let's appreciate it all.

- Speaking of which, am I the only one who notices an elitist attitude in the conscious/progressive circles? There's nothing wrong with critical analysis; hell I think I'm pretty critical, b.u.t. I'm not coming off like Bill Cosby out this jawn either. Remember, Hip Hop does not exist in isolation of the rest of our issues. It actually is sitting right in the middle of them at the date of this writing. Hip Hop won't grow up until Black Men grow up.

- What's up w/ shooting rappers? Majestic says that rappers should stop talking to the people like they're somebody they're not. We always hear the analogy between music and movies, b.u.t. here's the difference: Nobody takes Tom Cruise seriously when he does MI3. If you're speaking to the hood, tell the truth about your character. Our youth see no distinction between fantasy and reality when their reality is depressing. If you don't want it to happen, stop selling the fantasy. Why don't we ever hear about Mos Def getting shot?

- Lastly, I want to say this: Jay Z (Cocaine) vs. 50 (Crack). More to be revealed

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Tale Of Two Cities


I like to travel. B.U.T. I don't necessarily like to go to the tourist spots or cities that have been identified as the best places to travel to. No ,I like to go to where the "Niggas" are; the spots where people don't like to go. The places where you can get a home-made lemonade or Iced Tea from the Chinese store; The places that have shirts with the neighborhood's name on the front. Neighborhoods like Northwest(Uptown) & Southeast D.C.; East Baltimore; East & West Oakland; The Eastside of Detroit; Scarborough (T.O.); Brownsville and East New York. I don't travel to these places to get some sort of visceral thrill from traveling through these "dangerous" places; I travel there because these are the places that I feel at home. When you step foot in these places, you often feel like your in another city, where everybody knows your name and their damn happy that you came. For many years, there were de facto borders that made this more reality than fantasy. The faces, names and accents change, b.u.t. the situations are the same. As far as the history of the aforementioned places, they tend to fall in two categories:

  1. Neighborhoods that were once thriving Black communities until social (the MLK riots) and economic (Post-Industrial America) factors brought about their demise
  2. Neighborhoods that were European enclaves until Black migration (and subsequent White Flight) changed the demographics of the 'hood

In either case, what's happening in a lot of the hoods all across the country is what I call "The Great Yuppie Land Grab". After these places being left to rot for over 30 years, they are being pegged as the new "hot spots". There are a myriad of reasons for this phenomenon, b.u.t. I'm going to focus on two:

  • The dissatisfaction with sub and ex-urbia, in economic and social costs;
  • The redevelopment and scarce space in American cities

As gas goes up and the housing bubble deflates, no one wants to live in the boonies. Additionally, many of these "bedroom communities" creates a fake facsimile of true neighborhood living. Also, as cities become inviting again, more people want to live in them. No major American city outside of the Sun Belt is getting any bigger, so guess who gets the heave ho? You got it homeboy: The renters, the project dwellers, and the otherwise unwanted. Instead of blatant racism, this one has a new twist: Market Forces. I put it in bold because we have to understand that this is the "new bogeyman", the force that will dictate change all across America while being shrouded in economic jargon and mystery. And since no one understands it, they won't blame it.

The Knowledge Degree in the Student Enrollment states that we are the makers and owners; it is past time that we actualize that concept. If nothing else illustrates my point, look at Exhibit F: New Orleans. The city of New Orleans will never be the same and we must accept some responsibility for that. To go from one hand to another, Harlem (Mecca) or Fort Greene(The Head of Medina) will never be the same, and we must also accept responsibility for that. Don't be content with moving to a first-ring suburb when you were sitting on a gold mind that you didn't properly develop. If we're not careful, the "hood" will be but a fairy tale, thanks to gas prices and the new bogeyman.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Between Iraq and a Hard Place


Pardon for the delay in adding on. As you become more productive, you get busier. As you get busier, you have to become even more productive, and the cycle goes on. I've been doing alot, which will be manifested to you in the very near future. While I'm here with you on this day of Knowledge Knowledge all being born to Wisdom, let me share some things in the atmosphere:

  • Universal peace and love to the Rajee Family regarding the new addition to the universe, Laya Wisdom Rajee Earth! Laya was born on the God day to Justice Rajee Allah and Equality Rajee Earth out there in Portland, OR. I tip my crown to the both of you!

  • Last week, the US scored next to last of all developing countries regrading newborn deaths. In the richest country in the world, that shouldn't be a problem. Black families actually had three times the national average, so you draw it up (28, 1-40).

  • As you've read on other NGE blogs this month, some of the Gods are raising the rod. Let it be known that Allah had the dream in May, b.u.t. it was made born to the Gods in July, and since it was too late to start that month, they did it in Allah You God (August). Due to that fact, many brothers observe in August.

  • This week in Newsweek, there is a feature article on African-Americans and AIDS, as Black people are now disporportionately affected by the virus. How the hell did a virus that was known as the "gay disease" become a Black disease? There are numerous reasons, and if you're reading this blog, you already know. The bottom line is that Knowledge is the foundation. b.u.t. you must have Wisdom, Understanding, and Culture if it's going to be a lifestyle. You can tell people not to have unprotected sex all you want, b.u.t. if the environment doesn't reflect that, then it's not going to change. This concept can be applied to many ciphers, and is one of the main reasons that we are in the condition we are in. You can tell kids to go to school, b.u.t. if they dont see how to do it and the fruit of going to school, and a environment where it can work, then forget it homeboy/homegirl. Knowledge is not Power; Knowledge applied in an environment to affect change is.

  • Get a hybrid vehicle; better yet, get a bike like my brother Born Shamir. Please remember, economics is based on scarcity. We are not living in the times of the Beverly Hillbillies; don't assume that there will be oil at this level of demand forever, and even if there is, you won't find it in America (More to come regardng that subject).

  • This goes out to most New York rappers and their fans; stop complaining! Do you know why the south is winning?

1. They have sound business tactics. They actually run their own labels and know the ins and outs of how to market and promote themselves.

2. They are more creative. Besides the Harlem Shake (A dance modeled after a fiend), when's the last time New York came up with a dance? or a new sound? They can't even come up with there own gangs, and you want people to listen to you. Understand, New York is the Mecca (In more ways than one), b.u.t. for people to respect you you have to get your swagger back in a way besides arrogance. The south is a fountain of creativity and struggle. Put those two together, and you've got good music.

3. See answers 1 and 2.

  • How about the Gods and Earths on podcast?
  • How come there aren't Halal Chinese spots all across the country?