Monday, November 27, 2006

In The Place To Be


I just returned to Power Born from the Bay for a couple of days, so that's why I was off the set. A few of my observations from the last week or so:

- First of all, Homeland Security is in need of some major retooling. What am I going to do, take over the plane with Shea Butter? Catching a plane these days is like getting on a prison bus, & does anyone feel that much safer? The TSA seems like a new way to employ people, and that's all

- People have beat this Kramer thing to death, so I won't go in too far, b.u.t. didn't his character stomp on the P.R. flag a couple of seasons ago? Were we expecting anything else? This episode is what happens when some White Men get to let their pent-up feelings out. Trust me, he's not alone; only the mouthpiece. As media gets more un-pc, we'll see more of this

- I don't know the whole story regarding the 92-year old sista who was killed last week, b.u.t. I know it's a damn shame when a elder has to go to those extremes to protect herself in her own home. Frankly speaking, she might not have known who it was, as people will use a lot of tricks to get in your house

- Funny how everyone's bearing witness that the United States doesn't know what the hell it's doing in Iraq huh? This was a miscalculation of epic proportions, and may have ended up doing much more to destabilize that area than help. Remember homeboys & homegirls: sometimes relative power is more effective than absolute power, & subtle strategy always beats brute force

- Isn't is sad when you see young girls in the street yelling & screaming at their children? I do understand that the sistas are under alot of pressure, b.u.t. they have no idea of the negative implications of their actions. More to come regarding that subject...

- Isn't it deep how neighborhoods that no one wanted to live in 20 years ago are now the "hot" areas? An extension of that is how real estate developers are able to take old factories and warehouses and turn them into lofts and condos that can cost over 1 million dollars due to the view & proximity. I'm going to make sure that I buy something that white people don't want today and get rich in 20 years

- Airports need better food choices

- If you're a vegetarian & find yourself at the Harrisburg Airport, be sure to pack a lunch (cause there's nothing for you to eat) & bring a book (cause it'll be virtually empty)

- San Francisco is a beautiful city, b.u.t. they need to resolve their homelessness situation. Two blocks from the major shopping district, I found myself stepping over people to get to the whip

- With that, it is important to deal with the mental health issues that many homeless people have. They aren't all out there cause they couldn't find a job

- Being there, I got the inclination that Black people are basically persona non grata down town. While Powell square was remarkably diverse, you saw very few black people shopping.

- Why do people still teach their children to believe in Santa Claus? So that they'll continue to buy the lies later in life. If you think that someone from the North Pole is coming down your chimney to bring your presents based off of your behavior the past 365 days, you'll buy a whole bunch of other stuff.

- The Bay Area is off the hook. I met a clown(a real clown actually) in S.F. over by Niketown & decided to take a flick with him since everybody else was. Before the camera flashed, he threw up the hippie peace sign (two fingers spread apart) & screamed YEE! (R.I.P. to Furly Ghost aka Mac Dre)

- This might rub some the wrong way, b.u.t. I'm sick of Black people halfway celebrating thanksgiving! Either you do or you don't. Simple. We can't keep saying "I don't celebrate it, but it's a time for the family to come together and be thankful". Pardon Self, b.u.t. ain't that thanksgiving? And if you don't celebrate it, why are you still eating turkey?

- We should have a day to celebrate the day the Africans were brought to america and introduced to our good European friends that were already here waiting for us so that we could work together & call it "Togetherness Day". We should celebrate the day by eating chicken & having a mock auction. Sound crazy? Yeah, it's about as crazy as people celebrating the beginning of the destruction of the indigenous man. Remember, there were 17 million plus 2 million here in the wilderness of N.A.

- Word is bond, they have a energy drink called "Hyphy Juice". And it's actually better than red bull

- Alcohol is way too cheap and way too accessible in Oakland. The only place that I've been that has more liquor stores is D-Mecca (Detroit).

- For those who know today's mathematics & knowledge 120, you get the relevance of the title of the post once you reverse the polarity & deal with the place that all things are born from

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