Thursday, May 25, 2006

Rap Game/Crack Game


Today's Supreme Mathematics is Wisdom Power all b.b.t. God. Through my Wisdom you will see my Power, and through my Power, you will see my Wisdom. Being intelligent with your ability to affect & change your environment is what seperates the men from the boys. We see the children running these streets and using power in the wrong ways. It is up to the Blackman with knowledge of self to show his community and the world how to be wise and intelligent with the power that we have.

I wanna talk about hip-hop for a minute. There are a lot of reasons that hip hop is worth talking about, b.u.t the main reason that I want talk about it is the role it plays in our community. In 2006, hip hop is central to the identity of many of our people (specifically the youth). In addition, you can't minimize it's role as a medium for communication for/about our people (good or bad) In taking a look at everything, here's what's standing out:

- You know where hip-hop really went wrong? When hip-hop became a viable alternative for a career for our youth (alongside crack and basketball). When poverty is widespread, schools aint workin, and the family unit has beeen destroyed, you damn right people will sell negative images for money. It took a while for the major record labels to totally commodify it, b.u.t. when they did, they did it to death. Remember, broke people w/out knowledge of self will do almost anything.

- If we date hip hop back to the early-mid 70's, that would make it about 30 -35 years old. There are alot of confused 30-35 year olds out here, and you should look at hip-hop the same way. How many black people do you know who will talk about how the government is shafting them, and then go right ahead and give all their money back to them? That's Hip Hop.

- The regional chasm that we've created are reminiscent of the Malcolm/ Martin, Black Panthers/US, Dubois/Washington divisions. New York is'nt losing because of any grand con-spiracy; They're losing cause of the holier than thou attitude of many in new york. Note to all: just because you started it doesn't mean that you'll always be seen as the best. Just like Dumar Wa'de Allah says "There's no 401(k) plan for a five percenter", there's no 401(k) plan for creativity. There's a wealth to experiences to be heard within different regions; let's appreciate it all.

- Speaking of which, am I the only one who notices an elitist attitude in the conscious/progressive circles? There's nothing wrong with critical analysis; hell I think I'm pretty critical, b.u.t. I'm not coming off like Bill Cosby out this jawn either. Remember, Hip Hop does not exist in isolation of the rest of our issues. It actually is sitting right in the middle of them at the date of this writing. Hip Hop won't grow up until Black Men grow up.

- What's up w/ shooting rappers? Majestic says that rappers should stop talking to the people like they're somebody they're not. We always hear the analogy between music and movies, b.u.t. here's the difference: Nobody takes Tom Cruise seriously when he does MI3. If you're speaking to the hood, tell the truth about your character. Our youth see no distinction between fantasy and reality when their reality is depressing. If you don't want it to happen, stop selling the fantasy. Why don't we ever hear about Mos Def getting shot?

- Lastly, I want to say this: Jay Z (Cocaine) vs. 50 (Crack). More to be revealed

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