Thursday, May 11, 2006

Between Iraq and a Hard Place


Pardon for the delay in adding on. As you become more productive, you get busier. As you get busier, you have to become even more productive, and the cycle goes on. I've been doing alot, which will be manifested to you in the very near future. While I'm here with you on this day of Knowledge Knowledge all being born to Wisdom, let me share some things in the atmosphere:

  • Universal peace and love to the Rajee Family regarding the new addition to the universe, Laya Wisdom Rajee Earth! Laya was born on the God day to Justice Rajee Allah and Equality Rajee Earth out there in Portland, OR. I tip my crown to the both of you!

  • Last week, the US scored next to last of all developing countries regrading newborn deaths. In the richest country in the world, that shouldn't be a problem. Black families actually had three times the national average, so you draw it up (28, 1-40).

  • As you've read on other NGE blogs this month, some of the Gods are raising the rod. Let it be known that Allah had the dream in May, b.u.t. it was made born to the Gods in July, and since it was too late to start that month, they did it in Allah You God (August). Due to that fact, many brothers observe in August.

  • This week in Newsweek, there is a feature article on African-Americans and AIDS, as Black people are now disporportionately affected by the virus. How the hell did a virus that was known as the "gay disease" become a Black disease? There are numerous reasons, and if you're reading this blog, you already know. The bottom line is that Knowledge is the foundation. b.u.t. you must have Wisdom, Understanding, and Culture if it's going to be a lifestyle. You can tell people not to have unprotected sex all you want, b.u.t. if the environment doesn't reflect that, then it's not going to change. This concept can be applied to many ciphers, and is one of the main reasons that we are in the condition we are in. You can tell kids to go to school, b.u.t. if they dont see how to do it and the fruit of going to school, and a environment where it can work, then forget it homeboy/homegirl. Knowledge is not Power; Knowledge applied in an environment to affect change is.

  • Get a hybrid vehicle; better yet, get a bike like my brother Born Shamir. Please remember, economics is based on scarcity. We are not living in the times of the Beverly Hillbillies; don't assume that there will be oil at this level of demand forever, and even if there is, you won't find it in America (More to come regardng that subject).

  • This goes out to most New York rappers and their fans; stop complaining! Do you know why the south is winning?

1. They have sound business tactics. They actually run their own labels and know the ins and outs of how to market and promote themselves.

2. They are more creative. Besides the Harlem Shake (A dance modeled after a fiend), when's the last time New York came up with a dance? or a new sound? They can't even come up with there own gangs, and you want people to listen to you. Understand, New York is the Mecca (In more ways than one), b.u.t. for people to respect you you have to get your swagger back in a way besides arrogance. The south is a fountain of creativity and struggle. Put those two together, and you've got good music.

3. See answers 1 and 2.

  • How about the Gods and Earths on podcast?
  • How come there aren't Halal Chinese spots all across the country?


Divine Culture Allah said...

Whhew! Can't argue those points G (NY vs. South.) Very clear!

Justice said...

Peace God, Well Stated, I have been working on a structure for a pod cast we need to build. Peace