Monday, July 02, 2007

(Not So) Quick Notes


As most of you who read my blog know, I've been on extreme lunch mode regarding posting regularly. The delay wasn't due to a lack of things to build about; rather a lack of time & a renewed appreciation for the fact that beautiful actions are far more effective than beautiful words. It's all Wisdom (which is today's Supreme Mathematics), b.u.t. certain things are needed at certain times & the realization of that is an aspect of Wisdom as well. Here are some reflections from the past couple of weeks:

- Black people love to hear other black people talk; They even love it more than watching black people build tangible things

- The Black man is the maker & owner of his destiny, b.u.t. that doesn't mean that you can change the fundamental nature of a thing; If it looks weak, smells weak & sounds weak, then it isn't strong. The failure to understand this fact will keep you out of step with the cycle of life

- Charm School is Dumb... There, I said it. The show makes Flavor of Love look like Tony Brown's Journal

- For most rappers these days, Myspace is their replacement for actual marketing & promotion. In a sense, that's cool so I don't have to see their flyers all over walls in the hood

- Ay Bay Bay

- Progressive & "Conscious" black folks would do a lot better if they didn't dress so damn weird. Just because your colors match doesn't mean that you don't look like a hippie

- Evidence that the West Coast is years ahead of the rest of country as far as certain aspects re: quality of life issues - Last week, the New York Times reported that Oakland schools are having youth practice 'mindfulness' in class as a relaxation technique for increased learning. Now if they could only move the brother & sisters in Hunter's Point away from a toxic shipyard

- Two weeks ago, the AP reported that health officials are seeing 'Superbugs' emerge amongst the urban poor that threaten to infect tens of thousands; Next time you feel flu-like symptoms, don't charge it to the game

- Why are people so addicted to ringtones? Please turn that down!

- Supreme Mathematics is results-based, meaning if you're not producing anything, it doesn't work... You know who you are

- When's the last time you heard about Mullah Omar? They haven't found him yet, meaning he's probably siiting in one of those cities underground (& not in Afghanistan either)

- Sicko is the best movie of the year, hands down

- Next post: Knowledge or Culture (and no it's not Culture/Freedom)

- Post after that: Long Hair, Don' Care

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