Thursday, September 21, 2006

Wisdom Knowledge


A oft-repeated refrain in the Black Community is "Knowledge is Power". Sadly, that's not necessarily true, as I run into a number of people in my life with Knowledge & no Power! Being that I deal with the science of Supreme Mathematics, it's true that I have somewhat of a bias for equating the two principles when they both have their own space & place, b.u.t. even with that said, Knowledge can be empowering, b.u.t. not Power. Knowledge applied within one's way of life can affect & change the environment.

In that vein, I want to make a quick list of blogs that I check out on a regular basis that I find informative or enlightening. As with all, identify & utilize what is applicable: - Yeah, it might be seen as a shameless plug, b.u.t I get alot out of reading her posts. Besides that, she brings great insight to the table as far as being a Earth & Community Organizer. - Again, one might perceive it as a plug, b.u.t. I just happen to have very sharp thinkers around me! - See above statement. - Great blog for economic theory & analysis - Blog that focuses on Islam, the so-called Latino/a diaspora, and issues of social justice - A site that provides a good balance between education & entertainment - Although my good brother can tend to get on the controversial side with dealing with NGE in-house matters, excellent insight for a different take on things - Mark Cuban's blog. No matter what one may think of him personally, he's a great businessman

Check these out, and let me know what you think. I'm becoming more technologically adept, so soon I'll be walking into the 21st century, and can make better use of the resources on here.

Quote I'm working with at the date of this writing - "...Plus the seeds/ need a stand-up dude to show & prove degrees" - I Wise Allah

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