Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Ideas & Reality


Today's topic will initially appear to be a bit of a departure for the topics that I've been building on lately, b.u.t. I will that you see the connection as you continue to read. On the Knowledge Born day (the 19th for those who still gotta learn SM & SA), I had an insightful intellectual exchange with I Medina (www.imedinapeaceful.blogspot.com) regarding the relationship between ideas & reality. I Medina, being the pragmatist that she is, raised a point questioning the worth of an idea if it can't be manifested into something real and tangible. I countered with the point that there are a number of reasons that ideas don't come to fruition that may not have anything to do with the worth or relevance of said idea (timing, quality of work, process, etc).

As we continued to add on, it got me to thinking about a couple of points. Here we go:

- There are some ideas that need other idea/realities to make it work. For example, the idea that we need Black businesses in our communities is as relevant today as it was 30 years ago, b.u.t. Unity & trust are preconditions for that idea to be able to be manifested into reality

- Ideas create reality, and in turn, reality creates the context & environment for ideas. This dynamic can beg the questions "which came first/which is more important?"

- In the context of AWM, the 5 percent and the 10 percent live based upon ideas, while the 85 percent live based upon the reality that they see.

- The power of an idea is that you can see beyond your particular situation/environment. All of the great men & women of time immemorial (as well as many of the infamous characters of history) moved off of an idea
- When looking at the idea/reality relationship, it is important to have balance and understanding. People who live based on ideas alone can find themselves disconnected from reality, while those who live based only on their supposed “reality” often find themselves stuck in the doldrums of their environment, never seeing beyond their particular situation. It is imperative that we find the space where we are not only living in reality, b.u.t. Creating our own reality. Let’s see where we want to go, and create an action plan for making it manifest.

On another note,you know what? That Rick Ross album is bullshit. Simple and plain bullshit. If you're gonna talk about getting money, pull a Jeezy and have the decency to make it hardcore. If jay-z had any influence on that, shame on em!

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i read your blog all the time and dont comment.. just want you to know your presence is felt.