Monday, July 24, 2006

A Dollar for your thoughts...


I just got back from the 2006 Hip-Hop Political Convention in Chicago, and I'm collecting my thoughts so that I can give you a coherent viewpoint on what I saw and the implications thereof. For now, please check out this post from Adisa Banjoko regarding Hip Hop and politics. Where he's at is similar to my point of view at this time.

Right now, I'm not very convinced that Hip Hop will have the political and social impact it CAN have. I believe this is mostly due to the fact that the rap music industry has bought the voices of too many freedom fighters, magazines, TV and radio stations.I also believe that the "Hip Hop movement" is not very clear on what it wants from America OR itself.I will be doing work in urban schools, juvenile halls and writing kids books.But I wont be writing about the potential or actual impact of Hip Hop in a book again.My goal was to have Vol. 3 ready by the next election. But I'd rather work with the kids than just write about them. I'd rather talk to the kids, than just talk about them.Other than as a tool to vent authentic frustration and be a form of propaganda- its got no legs.

The problem is everybody wants to rap and write. But nobody wants to work for the freedom, justice and equality we say we want.At this point, Hip Hop and politics REALLY- don't mix.So, for those that love the idea and are going to carry forward with it- good luck.But I can't pretend this union is working.And our children deserve more.This does not mean I wont write about stuff online or for spots like Davey D, Guerilla Funk or But the book thing, as far as Hip Hop and politics are concerned- its over.

I'll always love Hip Hop. I also hope I'm wrong. I hope Hip Hop DOES carry the new torch of justice. But I don't see that happening.It's about the kids.I'm focusing on kids books- straight up.If we aint saving the kids, we aint saving anything.


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