Thursday, March 02, 2006


If you've never read my writings, welcome!! If you've done the knowledge to my writings @, welcome back!! I have returned from an extended hiatus in which I saw and did a number of things. When I looked at coming back, I decided to make a cyber-space move.

Q: What does Author of Change mean?

A: Simply put, an author of change is one of the descriptions of the Black Man with knowledge of himself. An author of change takes control of his destiny and writes his history to create the world that he wants to see for himself, his family, his community, and ultimately the word.

Q: What about Get Money, Teach Kids, Add on?

A: That is the most basic breakdown of the blueprint that I'm following at the date of this writing. It's not necessarily in order, b.u.t. it's the order that catches the eye and ear. It represents the following:

Get Money - Economic Development

Teach Kids - Youth Development

Add On - Building & Destroying/ Community Infrastructure Development

In order to bring about Allah World Manifest (The realization of what we teach and what we will achieve) in particular and Freedom, Justice, and Equality for all human families of the planet Earth in general, these are three integral components. Many champion one over the others, b.u.t. without all three, you don't have a self sufficient community. Most of what you read on this blog will relate to one or more of the above mentioned topics. I build that you find it informative, insightful and challenging. More to be revealed!


Justice said...

Yeah we missed you man!!

Divine Culture Allah said...

I second that God; "les" Swarm! Allah is God, God is Allah.